About Block & Block, Inc.

Mae and Larry Block moved to Mena, Arkansas in late 2007. In November of 1991, Mae left her position as General Manager of a newsletter publishing company in Naples to form Mae Block Associates, and Larry Block joined the firm in January 1994, when it became Block & Block. The company recently became Block & Block, Inc., through incorporation in 1997.

A 27-year veteran of the advertising and marketing industries, Mae Block has worked in both the agency and corporate arenas, starting out as a copywriter for Robert Solomon & Associates in Detroit. Other former positions include director of marketing at Maxwell Macmillan Professional and Business Reference Division in New Jersey, and advertising manager for University Microfilms (a Xerox and a Bell & Howell Information Company) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mae is Past President of the Public Relations Association of Collier County.

Larry Block’s 32 year career in sales, sales management, planning and training includes positions as vice president of international sales for Xerox/University Microfilms in Michigan, and NewsBank, Inc., in Naples. He also was vice president of marketing at Simon & Shuster and has held corporate positions as director of training and vice president of product development. He has helped a number of companies start up and train telemarketing departments and field sales operations, both here and abroad. Larry is a Board Member and officer of the United Way of Collier County and a Past Board Member of the Public Relations Association of Collier County. He makes comments on business related issues via his blog customsalespresentations.wordpress.com.

Second Notice Block - VP of Collections
Observe that Mr. Notice has one brown and one blue eye. If he comes to visit you and is looking at you with the brown eye, you still have a chance to write a check, quickly. If he is looking at you with the blue eye, it is too late!

"You didn't pay your bill because what?????"


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