Even when times are good, your marketing programs should produce a growth in sales volume and market share. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s more important than ever that your public relations, advertising, promotions, direct mail, and selling efforts contribute directly to your bottom line – cost-effectively.

Working together, we will define the needs of your customers, pinpoint what motivates them to buy, then create and integrate:

  • PR that projects a positive image
  • copy that gets your advertising read
  • training that motivates your sales staff
  • strategies to help beat the competition
  • sales promotions that get attention
  • cost-effective marketing plans
  • telemarketing campaigns that get orders
  • direct and electronic mail packages that get responses

Whether you need complete planning and execution of new marketing and sales strategies, or specialized assistance to expand and sophisticate your existing programs, we will help you achieve your objectives.
“They know what will work for your business, and what will not, almost instinctively. When it comes to putting an ad campaign together, you can take their word and work, as law.”
  Jeffrey Stewart, President
  Stewart Oxygen Systems Int'l
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We’ll make sure that all of the media you use, from publicity to space advertising to direct mail to trade show promotions – are integrated into one coherent, synchronized marketing plan that will maximize your bottom line performance against marketing dollars spent.

You don’t need to worry about dealing with several creative resources on a project, either. We will locate and work directly with printers, typesetters, graphic designers, desktop publishers, photographers, mailing list brokers, and mailing services. Think of the time and trouble you’ll save by dealing with one source.

Corporate Image Programs

Block & Block will provide custom logo design and logo application for your printed and electronic materials. Utilizing your ideas and ideas of our own we will generate a variety of design ideas for your review. Once preliminary selection is made, we will go forward to generate final approvable art. Upon approval the various applications, stationery, business cards, signage, electronic branding, and an applications manual will be produced for your direct use and distribution.

Product Flyers, Brochures, & Catalogs

Design, copy writing, and printing coordination are all part of what Block & Block can provide for your organization. We generate sales promotions that get attention, no matter what the market or audience. Sometimes focus group market research with a representative sample of the market are performed by Block & Block, to make sure that the “message” is appropriately targeted.

The publications which are produced are planned to have as long a “shelf-life,” as possible, to save re-printing costs, and to be used both as “stand-alone” pieces and in support of other campaigns, as leave-behinds for Direct Sales and as a part of coordinated direct mail campaigns with letters.

Direct Mail and Print Ads

With the number of direct mail pieces people and organizations receive these days design, copy writing, list selection for direct mail, and mailing service coordination are truly critical. Mailing costs have skyrocketed, too, and companies cannot afford to produce campaigns that fail. Block and Block recommends and provides focus group market research with a representative sampling of the market to assure that the “message” in the campaign, right down to the design of what will be seen by the prospects will achieve the maximum effect.

Another expensive medium is print ads. It is critical that in addition to producing ads that will “pull” attention from potential customers, that the best media placement recommendations are provided. Block & Block specializes both in producing the right kind and right size ads to do just that and in researching for the best placement locations. And because unlike most advertising agencies, Block & Block does not accept media placement commissions, we have no vested interest in our client’s placing ads anywhere but where placing them is most appropriate.

TV Spots & Promotional Videos

A “Telly” award winner, Block & Block has long experience, scripting, creating storyboards, running talent auditions and selection sessions, in production, editing, and in making media placement recommendations.


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