Marketing & Market Research

Market Research & Focus Groups

You want to have as much information and data about your target marketplace as possible before committing to new marketing programs. The best way to get that information is through either focus group market research or survey market research.
“First they quickly gain an understanding of what you are trying to learn, then they recommend the best research method to learn it, and then they execute it – flawlessly.”
Joseph J. Fitzsimmons
UMI/Bell & Howell
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With the information gathered from a few small, demographically targeted focus groups, or a targeted consumer survey, you can achieve that “leg up” you want in order to achieve success for your projects or marketing programs.

Companies and organizations like yours all over the country are no longer leaving it to chance. They are utilizing the skills of Block & Block to find out what the ultimate end-user or customer wants, prior to beginning a new project.

We can advise you on how to target appropriate groups, design and write the surveys, tabulate the data, and provide a concise analysis. Depending on your needs, the content of the surveys or focus groups can seek a high degree of quantitative data to gather very specific information, a high degree of qualitative questions to solicit opinions, or a combination of both.

All work is performed by the principals of Block & Block, including writing survey questions and designing the format, selecting appropriate location for focus groups, assisting with list selection for surveys, recruiting participants, facilitating the sessions, and tabulating and interpreting the data.

Block & Block has performed focus group market research for a number of clients in industries including cable televisions systems, telecommunications, residential development, publishing, and more.

Meeting & Presentation Materials

The materials you use to make presentations are as important in your selling arsenal as your brochures and ads. Yet, while companies spend thousands of dollars on logo design, color brochures, and advertising placements, they often skimp on the first materials prospects will see – and which should be their most powerful and persuasive – face-to-face presentation materials.

Block & Block has been applying their expertise in the area of presentation design, writing, and production for nine years. We have written and produced presentations for a wide variety of industries – from tourism to telecommunications to publishing – that have become powerful communications and selling vehicles for our clients.

Depending on your needs and the physical environment in which you make presentations, you have several options that will take you from the world of black and white overheads into a world of powerful color presentations.

If the way you present your company, products, services and image to prospective customers could use an overhaul, call Block & Block to talk about how we can help.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Combining years of experience in the areas of strategic planning and facilitation with the latest computer techniques, on-site, Block & Block can effect an almost instant set of well thought-out strategic initiatives with supporting tactics, on-the-spot, in the sessions they lead.

Lending support to management from the simplest role of moderating and data recording/generation to in-depth involvement in the actual thinking that goes into the strategic planning process, they are equipped and comfortable with participation at whatever level management directs.

They are experienced at organizing strategic sessions, setting up locations, including all support functions, and providing agendas and all other materials required to assure a well run, productive planning session which will yield results.


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