Public Relations

Media and Community Relations

PR that projects a positive image is critical to the overall marketing program of any organization. The often overlooked “stepchild” in marketing programs, well planned and run media and community relations programs pay off when things are going well, and may be the only element in your organization’s marketing arsenal that will save the day when things go badly. Block & Block’s public relations experience with a broad range of corporations and not-for-profits equips them to build media relations programs which efficiently and cost effectively take advantage of all the “free” press you can get.
“To put it simply, I wouldn’t have started, or continue to do the incredibly successful annual Larry Bird / Hospice Golf tournament without Block & Block. They make it all happen, and make it look effortless.”
  Philip Cole, Sr. VP
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Special Event Development & Management

Whether it is a special first class lunch for a group employees who have achieved special recognition, or a “festival” for thousands to celebrate the launch of a new product, or the use of a world renown celebrity to bring recognition to your organization, Block & Block has already done it! We will plan and execute every minute detail of your next “public” event to the letter, and generate the kind of excitement that neither you or your intended audience will ever forget. Always working within the budget limits you set, Block & Block will bring in the best event you didn’t even believe possible, for you.


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