I want to take this opportunity to thank Mae and Larry Block for their tremendous help to our company. They have helped us bring consistency to region-wide projects like our annual channel lineup changes its associated internal and external communications; they’ve been the most dependable partner I’ve worked with, always ready to help us turn around that project that was seemingly undoable under the deadline we had.

They delivered excellent service to us when S. Florida volunteered to be the first system to introduce a 3-product bundled campaign in 2000. For that complicated effort they not only handled the creative production, but the employee training materials and operational mapping process. It is a rare vendor indeed that can contribute and keep up with us as well an as fast as Block & Block did even with a project that posed as many challenges as Bundling did and for that I say thanks to Mae and Larry Block.

Orlando Betancourt
Director of Marketing Communications
AT&T Broadband

There are lots of companies and consultants who can come in and "train" your people. In fact, they use the consultancy part of the involvement to “sell” you some training course in which they have a vested interest or franchise, and it is often a specific training program. Block & Block have taken a different approach because they know that each client situation is different. Instead, they spend more time, without a prejudice toward training, at all, on the strategic and tactical issues. Then, if training is an issue, they apply all of the principals of the best sales training techniques to fit the exact needs of your company.

Joseph J. Fitzsimmons, Chairman (Ret.)
UMI/Bell & Howell
Ann Arbor, Michigan

I like working with Block & Block because when they come in to work with me, I know they are going to take a clean slate, completely look at the needs of our whole organization with respect to the role of the sales organization and make recommendations that will work for me. When they put together a workshop, it is totally focused on what I need, and it always involves three elements; training, individual evaluation, and team building. They always “get personal” in their commitment, and compared to more “corporate” sales consultants or trainers, I feel I always get more out of them.

Jeffery C. Brierley, Sales Manager
Information & Learning Corporation
Chicago, Illinois

When the Block’s first came here, we thought they were just going to train our sales people. Before they finished with us, with their help we had re-named our company, re-shaped our image and message to the marketplace and completely revamped our approach to selling our services. Then, when they finally DID train our sales folks, they came out of one of the sessions, completely ready to go, and much better equipped to deal with both the external pressures and the internal ones like forecasting and cooperating with their managers on monitoring the sales cycle as it relates to their subscribers.

Jeffrey Stewart, President
Stewart Oxygen Systems International
Detroit, Michigan

There just isn't anybody better than the Blocks at coming in, assessing your sales and marketing department's needs, and designing and facilitating a workshop that really gets results. And when it is over you will see the results translated into more appointments, more closes per call, and a whole new, enlightened, comfortable and successful way of beating the competition.

Douglas Roesemann
President, ReferenceUSA division - infoUSA, Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska

I run a large international sales operation, throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. We needed someone who could translate solid sales and marketing concepts not into Spanish, but into a conceptual format that would work even outside of the United States. The Blocks looked at our situation and marketplace and provided a workshop that the ideas of my people into consideration and those ideas became part of what developed into custom sales presentations which deal with anything that might happen on a field or telephone sales call, including dealing with our real competitors. My people, as a result of what Block & Block did, are much more cooperative with regard to forecasting and reporting on a timely basis.

Edgar M. Castillo, President and CEO
EMC, Inc. International Publishers Distribution
Ann Arbor, Michigan

I was amazed by the gentle way Mae and Larry Block came into our organization, where some of the people were a little meek about role playing, for example, and assessed our unique situation. After they got us to agree what was needed they designed and facilitated a workshop that made everyone comfortable and assured that all of the participants would come out of it with a whole new set of skills that they could really put to work, immediately. Our people felt so much a part of the process that they bought into the concepts and were motivated. There is nobody who can do this better than the Blocks. They made a winner out of even my weakest rep!

Toby Leith
Former Director of Strategic Alliances
Gale Research, Detroit, Michigan

Mae Block and Larry Block are partners in Block & Block, Inc., a full service marketing/sales consulting, public relations and advertising agency, in Naples, Florida. The company facilitates strategic planning at the highest levels for corporations, especially where sales and marketing are the key issues, resulting in the development of strategic business plans and marketing strategies for these clients.

They also conduct selling skills training and competitive selling strategy workshops; create and implement advertising and public relations campaigns; produce corporate image programs, newsletters, brochures and ads; and conduct market research and focus groups.


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