Sales Training Workshops

Methodology Overview

We work with sales and marketing management (and general management where appropriate), to analyze the current sales strategies with regard to meeting the goals of the overall organization. As a result, a broad range of strategic and tactical recommendations for improvement may evolve, including reshaping of the selling force to include, for example, a tele-sales unit, working in coordination with a field team. It might involve an electronic element for everything from lead generation to direct selling.

Currently, many organizations who are not primarily specific sales units, like Customer Service departments, are charged with generating sales, without very much, or sometimes any training. We specialize in "Shock Training" -short bursts of intense sales training to bring these units into focus on overall selling, sometimes, but more often on specific campaigns, or in dealing with a competitive threat.

"There just isn't anybody better than the Block & Block team at assessing your sales needs, and designing and facilitating a workshop that really gets results."
Douglas Roesemann
President, ReferenceUSA division - infoUSA, Inc.
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If bringing the sales, or selling non-sales organization, charged with selling, together for a new focus or re-focus of their selling skills is recommended, Block & Block’s efforts on a client’s behalf will include the design of a customized series of sales workshops which target the development of the skills of everyone who comes into contact with the marketplace and who may influence the decision immediately, or in the future, to select your products and services over competitive options.


Once the custom workshop is developed, primary participants are sales people, or non-salespeople charged with generating revenue, including those who sell in the field as well as by telephone and sometimes marketers charged with creating plans and programs to support the sales effort.

Putting all of the parts together to develop a complete blueprint "script" which contains every question and situation that might arise during any type of sales contact.

At the completion of the workshop you can expect that every participant will be delivering your organization's "message" to the marketplace. They will also be immediately prepared to perform the task of increasing and maintaining sales, shortening the sales cycle, and reporting on progress with greater accuracy and timeliness. They will also be much more proactive and professional.

Basic Skills

Skill areas which workshop participants develop, practice, and perfect include:

  • The development of a clear and simple general benefit and purpose statement for your organization and how to articulate it in writing, on the telephone, and in person
  • Learning to uncover and confirm the most important organizational and personal needs of current and prospective customers
  • Preparing benefit statements to meet the needs of your specific current and prospective customers
  • Dealing with the specific objections and obstacles your salespeople encounter on an every-day basis and producing a comprehensive set of strategic and tactical techniques as well as exact responses to meet these objections and obstacles
  • Closing orders using summarizing and action steps which relate directly to needs your products can meet with product attributes

Competitive Skills

Defining and analyzing your organization’s specific competition, comparing attributes and developing strategies to expose current and potential customers to the attributes your products and services offer that the competition cannot, or does not offer to the client when they deal with your competition. Using this method your sales reps will achieve significantly greater success.

Training Session Lengths

Block & Block training workshops vary in length from a week, to several days to as little as 45 minutes, depending on the needs of our clients and the subject material to be covered.

Fully training a sales force will take up to a week. Working with a Customer Service unit on a once-per-week 45 minute to 1 hour training time we can train them to use basic need-satisfaction skills in any situation, while training them to sell a specific product or service or deal with competition.

The Trainers

Block & Block, Inc. is a 12 year-old full service advertising agency in the field of marketing communications, with an emphasis on cable TV, high speed internet and telecommunications industries. Both Block’s came to the ownership of their own firm via corporate sales, international sales, advertising and marketing positions at Simon & Shuster Publishing, Xerox, and Bell & Howell.

The principals of Block & Block, Inc. are Larry Block and Mae Block. They provide a broad range of clients from multi-billion dollar cable companies like Adelphia and Comcast, to small non-profits, like United Way and American Red Cross with every kind of marketing service from the production of TV, radio and print ads to market research, strategic planning facilitation and totally customized applied sales training for products/services as well as customized classes in selling against competition.

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